Saturday, August 30, 2008

First Day in Copenhagen

We arrived at JFK around 1pm for a 4:30 flight. That's a lot of time to kill, and a lot of airport food to eat. Our flights were  pretty smooth aside from Rebecca manifesting the cold from hell. I think she's just allergic to flying since I think I remember her getting sick on the way to London. I got the "jimmy-legs" on the flight to Paris, but with a free seat next to me for the second leg of the journey, I could finally spread out and get some sleep.
Tivoli Gardens it the amusement park that we perform at here. There is a band of cute little soldier boys that would usually always meet us at the airport to welcome us with a song. Sadly they were missing this year, and as disappointed as we all were, we figured it must be because we were split in to three flights. But then as we pulled up to the front of our hotel, there they were, drums out and fifes wailing. It kind of makes you feel like a celebrity and that really doesn't feel that bad.
Since we arrived so early none of our rooms were ready for us. But the hotel provided us with a breakfast buffet while we waited a few hours. I needed some fresh air after all of that time couped up on a plane, so Rebecca and I went out for a little stroll in to town. I love this city. I feel so at home. It helps to have been here a few times before, but I have loved this place since my first trip. I'll tell you why later.

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