Friday, February 25, 2011

Count Down To Hong Kong

On Monday we will schlep our suitcases to JFK and hope that they weigh under fifty pounds, saving us $100 each. Luckily I'm a tiny guy and my entire wardrobe probably clocks in at a grand weight of 47 ounces. Rebecca, she's a different story. Petite yes, but I have a feeling that she'll probably pack all 3,073 of her black cardigans. I'll have to keep my eyes on her when she packs.
Once again I have absolutely no preconceived notions as to what Hong Kong has in store for us. If I had to predict three things, they would be...
1. I'm going to take issue with the volume in which they speak/yell.
2. Rebecca's going to make me eat chicken feet.
3. The only words that I'll recognize are Lo and Mien.

1 comment:

The gorgeous one said...

remember, don't get ill on your trip. they take all temperatures rectally. Oh, they're big on recycling too.