Friday, July 10, 2009

60 Years Old

So a certain father that I know and have grown to love has turned 60 today. Rob doesn't look 60, probably because he has developed an addiction to his pedometer and seems hell bent on walking every street in Ithaca. I wonder if any of the Cornell student up there have begun to take notice of him and sit up in their dorm rooms at night after smoking the good stuff and create nicknames for him. If they are, here are some suggestions...The Walking Stick, Lockheed Walkin', Hip Moses, Senior White-Ass, Speedy McWanderer.
But I doubt that they are.
In any case, Rob is a wonderful pre-father-in-law and I feel extremely lucky to have him in my life. I always hear about dreadful in-laws, but I seem to have landed myself in a wonderful divided family and I get to love them all as my own.
So with that I suggest that we all raise a glass or bottle, regardless of what time you're reading this, and salute Rob Krohn, for being a great man, great father, and one kick ass walker. May the trails never end. Happy Birthday. -A


Mom D said...

July is certainly a momentus birthday month, Rob on the 10th, Beck on the 14th and George on the 30th. Wow! Happiest of Birthdays to ALL.

Rob said...

I'm almost too choked up to respond...
Adam, you do have a lot of family members that all love you, I'm definitely on that list. Your note was the best birthday gift a pre-father-in-law could ask for (other than a date, of course).

I'm very happy you are in our lives. Your excellent Blog helps make it feel we are there with you.

White Ass