Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well, we have arrived in Spoleto Italy. After a long days worth of traveling, we have found our new home. How do I begin to narrate a day like today? Since I haven’t written anything in a while, maybe I’ll just start this new post with an outline of the day’s events…
  1. We arrive at the airport to discover a new and less efficient check in procedure.
    1. Self check in at computer kiosk.
    2. Take boarding pass and stand in line with luggage and wait to see a ticket counter person, where you normally get you boarding pass. Weigh luggage.
    3. Take weighed luggage to another location where a mean woman takes your luggage and puts it into a pile of other suitcases all bound for different locations.
    4. Walk to security with little hope that your suitcase will find its way out of said pile and find its way on to your plane.
       2. Get on board an Air France plane and pretend to forget about the recent crash in to     
           The Atlantic Ocean.
A.   Have loving girlfriend apply “Magical Healing Oils” to my injured back.
B.    Take a Vicodin with a Heineken. It rhymes and it works.
C.    Arrive in Paris (late) and race to catch connecting flight,
D.   For some reason France makes us go through Passport inspection even though we will never step foot outside of the airport doors.
E.    Run through Charles Du Gall Airport like a bunch of crazed Americans.
        3.We land in Rome. I would love to see Rome. (we don’t see much of Rome..)
                  A. A little Italian man picks our group up at the airport. We all grab a little     
     snack before our drive to Spoleto.
B. We pile in to the bus and most of us pass out. I rarely get jet lagged so I
      stay awake for the first part of the drive.
C. We all wake up to the sound of a very unhappy engine and a very unhappy  
     driver who is talking very loudly into his cell phone. I have noticed that
     Italian is a language that must be spoken at an extremely high volume.
4. So now we are in Spoleto. It is exactly how I had imagined that it would be. Part small town charm with a heavy dose of archaeological dig. Our theatre is a true ruin. Every inch of this town drips with elements of the past. Old rock walls seem to be bursting out from within it newly plastered surfaces. Tiny winding roads beg for us to explore what's around their bends. 
A. Food Food Food.
B. We are in truffle region. Everything has truffles in it. Rebecca is in her heaven, and I am thankful to get to watch her in all of her glory.
C. As one can imagine, our hotel is not the most internet friendly, but as a testament of my love to all of you who sit and decode the jumbles of words I poop out while traveling, I will seek out connections, and keep you all connected to us. Much Love. A&R

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Mom D said...

My sweethearts, so happy you arrived safely. Eat truffles for me! Love them. Saw a picture of the theatre yesterday, wow. I just love ancient architecture. Hope you have great weather to do some sightseeing. Alex and Georgi say HI. Love you muchly,MomD