Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day Something, I don't know, does it matter?

I have to admit, I kind of like Hong Kong. It's a lot like New York but with a shit load of smog. I've never experienced smog before. No that's not true, I saw smog in L.A. once, but smog is actually the best thing about L.A., second best thing...leaving L.A., so maybe that doesn't count. 
Our theatre here is located right on the water and apparently there is a lovely skyline that we should be able to see set amongst some gorgeous mountains. Well, during the day you can't really see it. It's like looking at something after rubbing Vasaline and baby powder on your eyes. I keep asking myself, is that weather or pollution? (CNN has recently answered my question by discussing the fact that Hong Kong has no environmental laws. Don't cry Al Gore.)

People here are obsessed with material possessions. I have seen countless amounts of people taking pictures of store fronts. STORE FRONTS! Who the fuck wants a photo of the Gucci store's entrance hanging on their walls? Between our hotel and the theatre, a mere 10 minute walk, (which should really only take five but these people won't get out of my way), there are two Prada stores and two Tiffany's.  Full size stores no less. I don't get it, I was under the impression that China had loaned most of its money to the US, so who the hell can afford to shop at Luis Vuitton on their lunch break? Not this bitch, 96% of my wardrobe came from the sale racks at Urban Outfitters, and that's an improvement from the days when I use to shop at Webers.

I could and would love to talk (vent) about work here, but I won't. However I will say that craziness is contagious, and apparently a lot of people that I work for aren't washing their hands properly. 

Tonight we have plans to go to a pawn shop that at night lets some man come in and cook for people who book him. It wasn't my idea, but we've heard that a lot of people will cook for you out of their own kitchen even though they aren't licenced cooks. What's the worst that could happen right? So Mom, if you're reading this, if I don't post tomorrow, I've clearly died from food poisoning. 

Sleep tight.


MomD said...

You're eating at a pawn shop? Dear God, I hope you survive this one. PLEASE take pictures though!!!

Momma H said...

Adam, I know I taught you to NEVER
NEVER EAT AT A PAWN SHOP!!!! "you could be dead!" Surely Hong Kong must have a cute little cafe or at least one Starbucks! I expect to see your message here first thing in the morning, just so I know you're alive and well.....Please be safe & healthy and have fun.
Sending my love to you & Rebecca.