Saturday, September 13, 2008


This is the cute little ghost that greats us at the stage door.
I had a day off and walked aimlessly towards Notre Dame, never expecting to reach it by foot...
but somehow I found it. The Pope is there this weekend, but since this couple consists of an agnostic and a Jew, we don't care that much. He's just the reason that we can't get over to the west bank like we'd like to.

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E said...

Hi guys,
We hope you are well, we have been playing with the kitten mostly. I study heart disease and Jess is working on political action. But don't let that fool you we still have time to sit and ...
Hope your travels are excellent, remember Becky, not water but water and carbohydrate throughout the day! You too Adam! We love and miss you, perhaps we can visit when you pick up Chubs! Bye-Eric