Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Paris so far

This is our tiny little hotel room. When we arrived in the lobby, we were greeted by stark minimalist decor. Lots of dark purple velvet and mirrors. The hotel rooms are spread out amongst several smaller buildings(we are in the Eiffel Building)that are all connected by a charming Parisian courtyard. Once we opened our room door however, we realized that the decor exists ONLY IN THE LOBBY. Our room kind of reminds us of our house in Saratoga. But somehow it doesn't bother me. Nothing is bothering me. I love this city.
Our theatre is fucking enormous! Sorry, there is no other way to put it. It literally could contain all of Lincoln Center. Not just State Theatre, all of it! On our first day exploring, we stopped by it to look around and were stunned by just the size of our poster out front.
Day 1: French Laundry
This is doesn't show 1/100th of the size of the backstage area. Just like the Met, you could have multiple full size stage sets set up to be moved on stage in one piece. It is incredible.
We are located in sort of the Hell's Kitchen of Paris. Every one's young and hip and there's a lot of punks hanging around the theatre. I keep seeing these posters and love them. It's one of the few things that I've seen written in English which I find quite telling.

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MommyD said...

My darlings, miss you both terribly. McCain/Palin is a little frightening. George is still hoping to see Nadar on the podium. He's hopelessly lost in the 60's but please don't tell him. He likes his own little world. Perfectly lovely room!!! How are you both holding up physically (feet, ankles, backs, etc.)? Amazing theatre. Hopefully they're at least feeding you properly since they booked you in such a crappy room. We all say a very big HI and send big hugs.