Thursday, September 18, 2008

Parisian Tidbits

Here, Arch tries out one of the many doorway / toilets that line the streets of Paris. This is a best bet for the frugal tourist that just won't be bothered by the public coin operated toilets.
Rebecca and I ventured to the Arch de Triumph. For just 10 euros each, we got a beautiful view of Paris, and two sets of gigantic quad muscles thanks to the 235,000,437 stairs to the top.
Neither of us have to dance at the Paris Opera House. Just look at the raked floor in the practice studio. I'd be on my ass in an instant if I had to turn on that floor. Good luck to the rest of the company.
No picture can capture the true beauty of the Opera House. We both knew that it would be gorgeous, but it truly took our breath away. Just the ceiling painted ,by Chagall, in the house is enough to make you cry.
Rebecca was so moved after watching the dress rehearsal for the gala, that she forced Craig and I in to an impromptu pas de troix right outside the front doors of the theatre. Eat your heart out Paris Opera!


Anonymous said...

Adam & Rebecca I miss you and I'm so happy that you're having such a wonderful time. Adam, in my next home I'd love for you to paint my ceilings just like the Paris Opera House ceilings. I know you can do it..... My VERY talented Son! Sending you all my love.....
Momma H

Jessy said...

i'm so happy you and rebecca are having such a great time on tour! it looks like loads of fun...
i laughed so hard at that picture of arch......i have a couple of him in that same pose!( peeing on hidalgo's office was a highlight)
i miss and love you.