Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Last night was opening night and I don't think anyone could have done better. Knowing that dancers from the Paris Opera were in the audience was making everyone a little nervous but it clearly made everyone dance great. Rebecca had a debut in the waltz from Suite Three. She was absolutely stunning. I would give anything to be her partner. It's an overly dramatic role, dancing with her hair down looking for her love. Her and Jared are a great pairing and I can really enjoy watching her knowing that she is being partnered by one of the greatest partners ever.
Tonight is my night to dance. It will be in Symphony in Three, the same role I danced in my SAB workshop. I'm extremely excited to get on the stage here. The audiences are pretty much sold out and are very enthusiastic. We had a dress rehearsal in hair and make-up on Monday night for the French media and apparently I was on TV the other day. I didn't get to see it but I'll just tell myself that I looked amazing.
So as I said before, I totally love this city. I have never been here, nor ever felt a desire to visit. It just never seemed like a place that would appeal to me. It's always portrayed as a city of romance and snobs. I see neither. Which is good. I don't need my romance to come from a city and don't want to constantly suppress the urge to stab people. In the past few years I have grown to hate NYC. It doesn't provide me with what I think I need. But I have been so relaxed ever since I've gotten here. There aren't as many people here as I expected, and I don't feel the continual forces of people around me dictating the pace of which I set my course on. In New York I always feel that something else is in control. As if the city is in charge and I have to use all of my strength  to chart my own course. I've grown tired of that feeling and being here is a welcome change. 
I'm not quite sure what makes people say that Paris is romantic, and I feel that maybe I should be embarrassed that I don't. I do consider myself to be romantic on occasion so what's my problem? As for the look of Paris, It doesn't seem to be at odds with the other small European city's that I've been to. Yes every street and alley are beautiful, and some of the women on their bikes will make you turn your head. But so far the only hands that I have seen holding one another are located between Rebecca and I. Maybe I think everything is romantic, and I just can't recognize a new situation. I guess I can blame this on Rebecca. I think eating a Grey's Papaya hotdog with her on a Monday afternoon is romantic. 

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MommyD said...

My sweethearts, you made me cry. I'm happy that you're having a great experience in Paris. I keep telling Georgi that we would fit in better in Europe than in NY State. Can't wait to hear about everything when you get home. I wish I was in the audience for EVERY show.