Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This is the candy stand right outside of our stage door. Any one who knows about my sweet tooth will realize that I will be returning home with a lovely case of diabetes.
The little China village in Tivoli that we walk through every morning.

Sorry I've haven't written in a few days, but I did post a video, so that must count for something. We both have been busy little bees recently so I haven't been around this hotel room that much to write. Things are going well. Rebecca is almost over her cold and I'm sure the house keeping staff is happy to be picking up fewer tissues from her bedside table. All of our performances have been great for the most part. We're both feeling pretty jet-lagged but a few extra naps here and there are getting us through the day. I promise some more pictures of the city as soon as I get some free time to see it. 


MommyD (Jewish Mother Extraordinaire) said...

I'm so happy you've had good audiences. I so love the pictures of the buildings around town. I want to be there!!! Beck honey, I'm glad you're over your cold. It's the recycled air on planes that do it. I had a lady from Temple come in the other day and say "I know where your daughter is right now". She and her husband just got back from Copenhagen and they saw the billboards. She always goes to the city and Saratoga to see the ballet. Of course, all the ladies from temple always keep track of everyone. "Those Jewish Mothers"....

MommyD said...

Hello my darlings, How do I view the video??? Non technical person that I am I can't figure it out.

Also just to get you ready (pretend you hear me singing) - "I love Paris in the springtime, I love Paaris in the fall. I love Paaris in the winter when it drizzles, I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles....."