Friday, July 11, 2008

Dancing for an audience of seats.

Despite SPAC's attempts to fill the seats here, we seem to be mainly dancing to an empty house. Someone here had the grand idea of offering specialty programs to entice a different crowd, especially men. Before some performances here, they are having beer tastings, soccer demonstrations, tango lessons, even an American Girl Doll expo, where from what I hear, there will be people dressed as dolls walking around. Last night was "Meet a Jockey" night.
I mean, come on people, if your town doesn't like ballet, accept it. As I left last night after the middle ballet, I looked in to the audience, and there were maybe 200 people. 200. To us, the sound of 200 people clapping sound a lot like silence. Times have changed and most of us can face the facts, but it seems like the people in charge just can't swallow their pride and admit defeat. I wouldn't be surprised if someone had the brilliant plan to dress us up like horses and have us run around in circles on the stage. they could call it "Off Track Ballet". 

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