Sunday, July 20, 2008

Get Us Out Of Here!!

I don't ever want to go to jail. Being held against my will would kill me. I need the option to leave. Right now I'm locked up in "Saratoga State". I am fully aware of the amount of bitching I do, but I really truly hate it here. Week two was horrible. I danced my worst and had absolutely no fun at all. Gorgeous weather. The pool was clear and warm. But I was stuck rehearsing in the heat. Rebecca and I are both physically and mentally burnt out. Working since October with one week off is taking its toll on our bodies. Rebecca eats dinner every night with her foot in a pot of ice water, which is a funny sight that sadly makes my heart hurt at the same time. See, even my heart hurts. What's the deal. The only one that's having a good time is Chubbs. I know people who have to share bedrooms up here, or sleep on a pull out couch, but Mr. Chubbington gets his own queen sized bed downstairs with us. I hope the owners don't mind, but frankly I don't care. I guess this makes up for the years that they had gold shag carpeting in the kitchen. THE KITCHEN! Yesterday Debbie D, George and Alex came for an afternoon visit. It was great to see them and get to toss Alex in to the pool a few thousand times. I don't know where he gets all of his energy, but scientists should find a way to tap its source and get us all off gas. He's such a cute little guy and it's fun to finally get the brother I never had. Oddly he seems to be taking the big brother role because he loves to boss me around. He gives great piggy-back rides. Truly impressive for a seven year old. Week three(good god) I'm thinking will be better. Rebecca has a great debut in the Goldberg Variations coming up which I can't wait to watch. She is stepping in for Rachel who has not come up this summer. We all miss her so much and are sending her love and prayers and as much positive energy to her as we can. I hope it finds her. This weekend is the weekend when everyone's significant other come up to visit. It's always fun to see someone else's reaction to where we are and what we're doing. Then comes mid-Sunday when everyone's reluctantly checking out the train schedules to get back to the city. And this is when I feel great to be sitting on the sofa next to my Krohn. Because she's stuck here with me. And we're both going to pull the other one along until we're both sitting on the sofa back at home together were both truly want to be. 

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