Thursday, July 17, 2008

Okay. I'm Back.

Rebecca and Amanda get escorted to the backyard party. They apparently don't know how to follow a walkway.
Yes both of these ladies have taken a better photo, but look at that house.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
                                             I look fat.

Every Saratoga season is the same. During the first week we are pretty optimistic, we party our brains out the first weekend, and then half way through the second week it hits you. You hate this place. Coming up here in theory should be a lot of fun. There are swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, lakes, horses and county fairs. But the truth is, all of this provided entertainment is not really for us. It is for our audiences. They are the tourists, we are just a part of the tour. All of us are at our physical end. We've all been dancing straight since October. Aside from dancing, this has been an emotionally draining year for all of us and seeing a little rest time in the future is the carrot dangling in front of us.
Last weekend we went to a party at a very expensive home. Most homes wouldn't be mainly described as expensive, but that is the only semi-positive way that I can describe it. Some proof...

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