Sunday, July 20, 2008


I admit, some times I'm a bit of a sour puss. But in my defense, I know what I want, and who says I should remain silent when I don't get it. Maybe, just maybe, one day I will look back and think that coming to Saratoga each summer was a great experience. There have been some memories that are worth holding on to. To name a few... My sister Jessy (her birthday is today) had her last performance with NYCB a few years back up here. I was a mess because I didn't think that I would survive in this place without her. Jessy's last ballet was "I'm Old Fashioned". I had been understudying this ballet for years. I still to this day have never been cast in it, nor do I wish to. Anywho, at the end of the finale is a section called "going up the stairs", I had been learning it for so long that at that time I had even learned the girls part just to do something new. I knew that this was Jessy's last show and I didn't want to just watch it from the wings, so I asked the ballet master if I could surprise Jessy by coming out at the last minute as her partner. She said yes, though I would have done it even if she said no. Jessy and I had never gotten to dance together, and it was a prefect way to say good bye to my sister who had paved the way for me all along. OK. That's sort of a sad memory. How about a happy one? Six years ago a group of us went up to Lake George to go boating. It was pretty much my sister's friends and Rebecca and I. We had only been dating for maybe a month. We all had a great time tubing and trying to water ski. I was nervous for Rebecca to spend the day trapped on a boat with me and everyone, but she's so likable, what's the worst that could have happened. On the drive back, everyone was wiped out from being in the sun and hey all passed out except Jessy our driver and me, acting as Rebecca's back seat pillow. I can remember Jessy looking through the rear view mirror back at me, and I silently mouthed "I love her". Which I did and still do. But later that night, when I told Rebecca, she was not as positive. It had only been around a month, but I knew it. There was no doubt and there never has been since that day. So that is a memory from Saratoga that I will definitely hold on to. Oh, and I once drunkenly ran around my house naked with just aluminum foil covering my penis. 

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