Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Rob

Today is Rob Krohn's birthday. I thought that it might be an appropriate time to share a story about Rob and I...
A few years back, Rebecca and I were spending a few weeks with Rob and Liz. I love to stay with them upstate. There's always lots of trips to the lake, wine tasting and mostly they have a hot tub. I am a sucker for a hot tub. Honestly there is nothing in this world that I want more than my own hot tub. I'm sure that I owe Rob and Liz hundreds of dollars for their electric bill after all of the late night soaks that I have taken over the years.
So on this one particular visit, I woke up in the morning before Rebecca, and I felt quite guilty to be a guest in someone's house, and sleep-in well past ten. Rebecca didn't seem to agree with me, so I decided to let her sleep and go downstairs myself for some coffee. What I wasn't aware of, but now will remember for the rest of my life, is that Rob likes to hot tub in the morning. 
As I came around the hallway in to the living room, something in the back of my head said"Stop!" but I just kept on walking. Walking in to the scene of Rob standing, luckily with his back to me, naked.
I turned on a dime and ran upstairs as fast as I could. "I just saw your dad naked!" I jumped in to bed next to Rebecca and hid under the covers. "He was toweling off from the hot tub and I saw him naked. I can't go back down there ."
But I clearly got over it, and now realize that the embarrassment lies more with him than me(especially now). So, I just want to say, Happy Birthday White-Ass!

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Rob said...

Adam, I'm sorry you missed your morning soak because of my white ass. At what point do you feel comfortable enough to just say "hi Rob any coffee left? "?

And since you were so covert in coming down that morning, such that I didn't get to say hello, I'll be sending you a photo of the other white half that you missed!

Thanks for sharing...