Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 1 (official)

Well, I hope my car windows are all up, because it's raining something nasty outside. I have no work today and I was looking forward to sitting by the pool with Chubbs. I guess that will have to wait. I realized today that this is my 10th Saratoga season. I use to love Saratoga. The novelty of a house and car, a yard with a pool and badminton on the weekends. Now I'd much rater be in the city eating Japanese food. 
I immediately begin to itch as soon as I walk in to this house. No amount of bleach will make me feel clean, and trust me I've tried. This house could be amazing. But it never will be. Who ever lives here during the year is afraid to part with anything. In the room I'm sitting in now, there are three full sized sofas, two over stuffed chairs, four fancy wooden backed chairs, two side boards, a dining table, two office desks and one fake giant mounted swordfish. This is the fancy living room. The one that greets you when you first enter. 
Why don't these people throw stuff out? I'll come up and help out. That actually sounds better than dancing here. 

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